The Process – Producer Mezcal

Where agaves grow under sweet sun

The Producer Mezcal begins in a small community in Oaxaca called La Noria, Seccion 13. It’s here that Juan Pacheco exclusively grows and harvests agave with his family and friends for The Producer.

He does everything by hand in small batches, the way it is meant to be. That’s something we’re infinitely proud of, and would like to raise our copitas to.


The Artistry

01 Harvesting

02 Roasting


04 Fermenting

05 Distilling

06 Enjoying

Once mature, the magueys are cleaned by shaving the leaves (Pencas) and split.

The hearts of the agave will slowly roast in an earthen oven (horno) over rocks and local wood for upwards of three days, covered in rock, tarp, and dirt to allow for the circulation of smoke within the pinas.

Cooked agaves are mashed with a stone tahona wheel to extract the newly transformed sugars.

The mashed agave is mixed with water and sits uncovered in wooden holding tanks to allow natural yeast to ferment. Outside temperatures dictate fermentation times, typical fermentation time is around 8 – 14 days.

Legally, mezcal must be distilled twice; first with agave fibers and then without. Our producers use two types of stills: a refrescador still for two distillations in one pass, and a copper pot still for two separate runs. Heating the wood-burning fire for the still to the correct temperature is a skill that requires experience and is done without using temperature controls.

Distilled in small batches and created to be enjoyed with friends and good conversation.