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Friends share what inspires them, what ignites their creativity, and what’s truly memorable. They gift treasures discovered during their travels. 
Friends from both sides of the border traveled through Oaxaca and bonded with the land, the culture, and one another. Out of that trip came the inspiration to build and produce the world’s best-tasting small batch mezcal that’s refined, approachable, and super smooth.
The Producer is meant to be celebrated with old friends, new friends, and like-minded creators. 

Our Mezcals

Artesanal Production Process

Our Process


Once mature, the magueys are cleaned by shaving the leaves (pencas) and split.


The hearts of the agave will slowly roast in an earthen oven (horno) over rocks and local wood for upwards of three days, covered in rock, tarp, and dirt to allow for the circulation of smoke within the pinas.


Cooked agaves are mashed with a stone Tahona wheel to extract the newly transformed sugars. Both are pulled by bulls or donkeys.


The mashed agave is mixed with water and sits uncovered in wooden holding tanks to allow natural yeast to ferment. Outside temperatures dictate fermentation times, typical fermentation time is around 10 - 13 days.


Celestino uses a traditional copper pot still, distilling twice. Juan’s still is unique in that it has two plates built into its bulb allowing for one pass through the still but yielding a double distillation. Each still is operated by our maestros without technological advancement. They are tempered with wood and a careful eye, knowing when wood needs to be removed or added.


Distilled in small batches and created to be enjoyed with friends and good conversation.

Production Processs

Learn more about how the producers take our spirits from plant to bottle.

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