Producer Mezcal Ensamble (Espadin + Cuishe) – Producer Mezcal

The Producer Mezcal Ensamble

(Espadin + Cuishe)

750 ml


This nuanced blend of mezcal is made up of the Espadin and Cuishe varietals, meticulously curated for shared moments with friends and enriching conversations. This Ensamble mezcal presents a finely balanced profile, marked by vibrant florals and a distinctive mineral-driven character, making it our most approachable, least smoky mezcal.

  • Agaves: A blend of Espadín and Cuishe
  • ABV: 40%
  • Super smooth. Floral. Versatile. Great for a mezcal newbie, or a mezcal pro. Go ahead, sip this all day and all night.