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  • Agaves: Pure Tepeztate (“Tep” for short)
  • ABV: 41%
  • PDP: Smoke. Salt. Complexity for days. We prefer to enjoy it with one big whiskey rock. Purists would argue you shouldn’t water down a great Tep. But you know what? We’re going to do what we like, and you should too.
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Tasting Notes

Citrus, Jalapeno, Smoke, White Pepper, Mineral, Earth, Salt



Maestro: Celestino Sernas
Fermentation Time: 11 – 13 days (temperature dependent)
Fermentation Tank: Wood – Pine
Copper Pot Still: Double Distillation


Batch/Quantity Information

~1500 Liters per batch
NOM: 0685X
Format: 750 ml
ABV/Proof: 40.2% – 80.4 Proof 


Roast Time: ~100 Hours
Resting Time (between cook and crush): 72 hours (shaded)
Roast Type: Traditional horno (earthen oven)
Wood Type: Oak



Terroir Notes: the oak fermentation tanks are surrounded by a robust garden filled with lush flowers and fruits.
Maturation Time: (Agave Angustifolia) : 16 years
Crush Type: Donkey Pulled Stone Tahona Wheel
Agave Origin: Sierra Sur, Oaxaca
Location: Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca.


Additional information

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