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  • Agaves: Pure Arroqueño
  • ABV: 46%
  • PDP: Tropical fruits. Black pepper. Citrus rind. The wild agave piñas mature 30 years in the soil before we transform them into this very rare spirit. Sip this one out of a copita, with good friends who know great mezcal


Tasting Notes

Tropical Stone Fruits, Floral, Smoke, Citrus Rind, Black Pepper, Earth



Maestro: Juan Pacheco Santos
Fermentation Time: 8 – 10 days (temperature dependent)
Fermentation Tank: Wood – Cypress – Sabino or Ahuehuete
Double Plated Copper Pot Still: One Distillation


Batch/Quantity Information

~580 LitersLiters per batch
NOM: 0685X
Format: 750 ml
ABV/Proof: 46% – 92 Proof 


Resting Time (between cook and crush): 1 hour
Roast Type: Traditional horno (earthen oven)
Wood Type: Huamuchil



Terroir Notes: the fermentation tanks/palenque are surrounded by fruit trees in which its yeast/pollen add nuance and yeast strains into the fermentation process.
Maturation Time (Agave Oaxacensis): ~18-21 years
Crush Type: Bull Pulled Stone Tahona Wheel
Location: Ejutla La Noria Sec 13 – grown, harvested, crushed, fermented, distilled.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1 review for Producer Mezcal Arroqueño

  1. Dan Marver

    This shit is the bomb! Very smooth and nice fruity bite at the end. One of my favorite wild agaves, especially this specific brand!

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