Producer Mezcal Arroqueño – Producer Mezcal

Producer Mezcal Arroqueño

(Pure Arroqueño)

750 ml


Among the rarest agave varietals, our Arroqueño Mezcal is distilled from wild agave piñas cultivated for two decades in fertile soil. With tasting notes of tropical fruit, black pepper, and citrus rind, this exceptional spirit is meant to be enjoyed from a copita, shared with friends who value the craftsmanship of exquisite mezcal.

  • Agaves: Pure Arroqueño
  • ABV: 46%
  • Tropical fruits. Black pepper. Citrus rind. The wild agave piñas mature 30 years in the soil before we transform them into this very rare spirit. Sip this one out of a copita, with good friends who know great mezcal.